A New Year!

It is exciting to look into this year and see where we as a team are going.  I’m looking forward to being involved in teaching, short-term teams, studying the missions movement in Guatemala, and mentoring the next generation.

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Research Team

SEPAL Research Team

The research interviews are on!

Over the last couple of weeks we have had 4 interviews.  My participation is to take video, pictures, and sound recordings of the interviews.  Later, I will help in compiling the results.  It has been a great time… please pray that all the equipment will continue to work well.

Team Retreat

2015 Team Retreat.  Only missing Beth

2015 Team Retreat. Only missing Beth

Our 4 day team retreat turned into a 3 day retreat.

Guatemala is protesting their political situation and with a major protest planned for Thursday, and so we canceled our activity in order to avoid any problems.


Link to Recent Article: Picture of the presidential palace and crowds.


Breath! … Hilde, breathe.  Calm down … you can …

Over the last few days I have been slowly taking deep breaths and calming down.  The last few months have been very busy with visitors, moving into a new house, helping short-term missions groups, and teaching a class in San Pedro.

I am grateful for a chance to breathe this month!  My desk, e-mails, and other correspondence are begging to be organized and updated.  In addition to catching up, I hope to take the time to start preparing more class material to be taught in the future.

Thank you for all your prayers!


June 2015

Hilde had the opportunity to work with the Wooddale Youth team for the first time in June.  While translating for the medical team, she had the opportunity to encourage the youth around her.  It was exciting to witness SWAT and the impact on both the community and participants and she was excited for the many opportunities to motivate and influence the students.  Hilde also worked with the Mobilization Committee to prepare for the arrival of Elizabeth in July.  To her pleasure, she has had the opportunity to host several individuals in her house and a team meeting.